A Simple Christian’s Response to Beth Moore.

It is clear by going back through your social media that you have never been a Trump supporter and that is o.k. because it is o.k. for Christians to disagree. You have stepped into the world of politics so let me address your characterization of “Trumpism” and those who supported President Trump.  First, not all Christians (and dare I say most) who supported President Trump in the political realm did so turning a blind eye to his failures as a human. Your comment tends to lend to the belief that we (Christians) should only support politicians without flaw or dare to be cast into the group you coined with the term “Trumpism” and become a danger the “saints of God”.  Let me explain why your attempt to cast all Trump-supporting Christians into one light is simply wrong and divisive. Most of us can make worldly political decisions while at the same time understanding what Isaiah 33:22 says, “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is He who will save us”. Your assumption that all who supported President Trump suffer from “seductive and dangerous… Trumpism” is simply incorrect and makes assumptions based on your position of privilege.  

During this election, there were two clear choices for Christians who are pro-life, pro-freedom, and pro-God. Trump’s political positions (whether truly his own or not) were to protect the unborn, protect religious freedoms and our ability to worship when and where we want, and to protect Americans (Christian and non-Christian alike) from the overreaching control of the government. Contrast that to a President Biden administration which clearly supports the killing of unborn and born babies (abortion on demand and until and through birth), verbally supported the closing of churches and the government mandating no religious gatherings and multi-faceted plans for the government to control more of our every day lives. These are just a few of the major differences.

Christians have this thing called discernment that allows us to use good judgment in determining who we will support in the political realm. That discernment does not take away our ability to think and filter our support with our biblical beliefs. Because of these beliefs, many of us refused the Government’s dictate to not gather to worship and teach, following Acts 4.

My assessment of what you call “Trumpism” is a movement of people from all faiths who were tired of a political process full of people that talked a lot about caring for the people who did very little that helped the people. A movement of people who were tired of the status quo in Washington D.C. and stood up and spoke up. Because you do not apparently agree with this movement is no reason to tag Christians involved in the movement as “dangerous” or somehow less Christian. 


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