Abandoned Buildings Around the World (Photos)

Taking a trip to the small village of Żeliszów in Poland, you will find the abandoned yet majestic Giersdorf Church. When it was built, Żeliszów was still part of Germany and was at one point deemed by locals “the Pearl of Żeliszów.” After the village became a part of Poland following the war, the church fell into disrepair.
Photo: Business Insider
This mysteriously sand-filled room looks beautiful against the chipping blue painted walls. Kolmanshop, the name of the location in Namibia, actually used to be the site of a bustling city and diamond rush. It was left after World War I in search of new diamond deposits. But the buildings still remain untouched.
Photo: The Active Times
It might seem a bit random but in the 60s and 70s, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains became a frequented hotspot for honeymooners from across the country. The resorts that sat there were infamous for their circular beds and heart-shaped hot tubs.
Photo: Travel and Leisure
This abandoned location once belonged to the strip club tycoon Bill Hull. It was built in 1972 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and quickly gained an interesting reputation. For years, it was widely known as a swingers mansion. However, once Hull was sentenced to jail for arranging a hit on his wife’s lover, the place was left untouched.
UPDATE: This home was torn down in 2017.
Photo: Love Property
In New Bedford, Massachusetts lies the Orpheum Theater, an old theatre and movie house. It used to go by the name of the Majestic Opera House when it opened way back in 1912. Oddly enough, it opened the same day that the Titanic sank, on April 15. The theater closed the first time in 1958-59 but opened several times for special events.
Photo by Matt Lambros Photography
This architectural design is called the Haludovo Palace Hotel and can be spotted on the Croatian island, Krk. Although now full of graffiti and other signs of decay, back in the 1970s and 80s, this hotel was full of life. Unfortunately, tourism dropped significantly when the war hit in the 90s.
Photo: Arch + Magazine
In the first few decades of the 20th century and the last ones of the 19th century, Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia, was the most famous and expensive prison on the planet. It was completed in 1829 and the designers had ambitions (which largely came to fruition) that it would be the first prison in the world to focus on reform rather than punishment.
Photo: Eastern State Penitentiary
There’s something particularly uncanny about an abandoned, decrepit, and desolate church. We’re not sure why it’s so uncanny, but we’re sure this place will give you the heeby-jeebies. Welcome to the City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana. The church was completed in 1926 and was operational as a place of worship until 1975.
Photo: Public Domain
This place doesn’t even qualify as creepy. No, the situation is orders of magnitude more severe. It’s downright terrifying. The bed and the remnants of healthcare equipment in this photo conspire to give us something truly frightening. The place is called Beelitz Heilstätten hospital complex, and it’s located in Germany. The facility has had some truly diabolical patients, including Adolf Hitler.
Photo: Imgur~jgood8
Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel (or what’s left of it) is located in Liberty, New York. When the resort was built and the hospitality business there was established, it was an all-kosher place and it catered to the Jewish community in the New York area. At the climax of its glamour, in 1972, it was a sprawling 2 square miles. It even had its own ski hill, post office, and airstrip.
Photo: Public Domain

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