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About David Bailey
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David was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. David spent his first 1.5 years after high school at a small college in OK and then returned to CA to care for family.  He joined a police department in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he stayed for fifteen years while working as a Communications Officer and Police Officer.  During his time in law enforcement he also worked in the mortgage and real estate fields, closing his first loan in 1989.  After fifteen years in law enforcement he decided to move his family out of California to Texas and they landed in the (then) small town of Flower Mound.

David joined the private sector upon moving to Texas and worked his way from an Account Executive in the banking and mortgage industry to a senior manager.  While successful in the private sector, something was always missing, so in 2008 he decided to take the courses necessary to update his law enforcement training and challenged the state test to become a Certified Peace Officer.  He worked from 2009 to 2011 as a “full-time volunteer” Deputy Sheriff for his local Sheriff’s department.   He currently works as an executive in the private sector and is serving the people of Texas through the Texas Military Department as a the Education and Training (A-7) NCOIC and Operations (A-3) NCOIC for the 4th Air Wing HQ (Texas State Guard).

In addition to his 2 careers, he is also a part-time professional photographer.  You can check out some of his work at www.DavidBailey.com.  He has had the privilege to shoot all types of racing; motocross, NASCAR, IRL, Rally America, off-roading, etc.  He has had images published all over the world, including a book cover for Danica Patrick.  David is still a Texas certified Police Instructor, a certified Tactical Rifle Instructor (trained by MSGT. Paul Howe of Blackhawk Down fame and a true American patriot and bad ass), a TASER Instructor and a Marine Safety Officer (boat patrol).

David also started a website in the 1994 called www.sportsmemorabilia.com as a hobby, that slowly developed into a business.  He ultimately sold this site in 2007 to an investment group in NYC.  It is still the largest sports memorabilia website in the world.

Through both of his career paths (law enforcement and mortgage banking) he has had one constant and that is his passion for serving, teaching and leading others.  No matter where he has been in life, he has always volunteered, served or been hired to train and lead others.

David holds several degrees including an MBA that he started in 2000 and finally completed in 2014 (that is a long time in case you were wondering).  He is currently completing his 2nd Master’s degree (Public Administration) with the American Military University to increase his skills in Emergency and Disaster Management (known as “masters of disaster”) that he applies to his volunteer position with the Texas State Guard.

David feels blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family including his wife of nearly 30 years and 2 talented sons that he is very proud of. 


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