Some of you may have seen me posting on social media about my wife’s part-time business and how excited I am to assist her with it. I see her making a full-time income working part-time (but she definitely works). There are lots of husband and wife teams who are very successful in this business and even single men who are very successful in this business. Why wouldn’t someone want to get into business with Stanford trained Dermatologists who have developed the #2 premium skincare (for men, women and teens) company in the United States! We are in Canada and about to open the market in Australia in just a few months.

Let me tell you about some of the other guys that are in this business and successful (a few pictured here). How about NFL players, NASCAR drivers, professional actors, professional musicians (with major artists), MBA’s, lawyers, police officers, pilots, doctors and even corporate CEO’s?

Aren’t you even the least bit curious? PM or email me and I will send you a phone # to listen to a brief phone call by men for men.

Trust me, this is not what you think and it is a legitimate way to retire early, give away a lot of money to charities or pay your children’s college tuition. My wife and I are all about giving in big ways to worthy charities through this business, so it is about the money, but not really.

David Bailey, MBA


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