What happened?

I used to be so full of Your presence. Your word excited me, and brought me close to You. I prayed every day…I kept my Bible with me wherever I went…You consumed me.

These days, it seems like I’m a rudderless boat. Life tosses me from place to place. Where I wind up, isn’t good. I find myself looking at things I shouldn’t. In areas I shouldn’t be. Where I know I don’t belong.

I make a feeble attempt to get back to that place where I was… But, the things of this world keep drawing me back with a force stronger than I can bear…stronger than me.

No one knows the turmoil going on inside. From the outside, everything looks right.

I say the right words…I use the proper protocol. But, I’ve turned into an empty vessel. Empty.

It seems like I’m just going through the motions.

The light has become almost completely extinguished…just a faint glow in the darkness. Real, intimate worship has been replaced with boredom.

How did this happen? How can I get back to where I know I should be?

Lord, I pray you not only restore me…but bring me to a place where I’ve never been before. Closer to you.

Rekindle the flame.

Rise up within me…breathe into me…speak through me…awaken me. Awaken me.

Let me see clearly the path in front of me…without all the distractions…around all the stumbling blocks.

Help me avoid the traps of the enemy…don’t let me slip away.

Light the fire within, and help me, once again, fix my eyes on you…The One who holds my life in Your hand.

Don’t let my love grow cold…

Don’t let that happen to me, Lord…ignite the flame again…burn brightly through me…Awaken me once again.

JD Chandler


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