He Is Merciful

Who is a God like unto thee . . . he delighteth in mercy. —Micah 7:18 Many people want to hear what God says just out of curiosity. They want to analyze and dissect it in their own test tubes. To these people, God may remain the great cosmic silence “out there somewhere.” He communicates to those who are willing to hear and receive Him, and willing to obey Him. Jesus said that we must…

I’ve Been Redeemed!

Every day I am thankful I have been redeemed in Christ and although I am a flawed human being, I will have everlasting life through Him. This is my anthem!

The Patriot, like the Christian must learn that to bear persections is a part of his duty

An accumulation of business, which I found on my return here from a short visit to Monticello has prevented till now my acknolegment of your favor of the 14th. This delay has given time to see the result of the contest in your State, & I cannot but congratulate you on the advance it manifests, & the certain prospect it offers that another year restores Massachusetts to the general body of the nation. You have…