Gettysburg Battlefield in 1913

This picture was taken at the Gettysburg battlefield at a part of the battlefield called the angle which was the high water mark of Pickett’s charge. This picture was taken in 1913 fifty years after the battle. Blue and Gray all veterans of the bloody fighting that occurred at Gettysburg meet as Americans shaking hands fifty years later–not as enemies, but as Americans.

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The Last Soldiers of the Republic

The last surviving soldiers of the Republic of Texas in 1906, Goliad, TX You are looking at the last of their kind: men who risked all fighting for the Republic of Texas. This 1906 photograph was taken at Fannin Park in Goliad in 1906. That was the last annual meeting of the Texas Veterans Association. The cannon upon which they rest is known as Col. Fannin’s Cannon. It was used at Coleto Creek by the men who…