Evil Knows No Bounds (video)

Three church members engage shooting suspect
Three church members engage shooting suspect

I wasn’t sure about posting this, but I think it is worth the awareness. There is always a lot of talk about people getting their LTC, but I wonder how many actually think about what the really means and if they are truly ready to take action when called upon.

This is from today’s church shooting in White Settlement. It’s not gory, but it can be shocking to some so view at your discretion. I post this for educational purposes only.

My analysis shows the suspect attempts to distract a person holding a communion tray and then pulls out his gun to shoot, as he does that a man sitting on the bench along the same wall pulls out a gun and as he is doing so, the suspect fires at him and he drops immediately (my experience would tell me he was the the victim killed), then from the left you see the other man (looks like maybe either LEO or Security) stand pull his weapon and fire at the suspect one time dropping him to the ground.

The lesson to be learned is always be vigilant, whether armed or not. If you have a LTC, always train, be aware and be prepared to act in a responsible manner. If you can’t/won’t do these things then leave it at home.

You’ll notice from the stills that at least 5 church members were armed and engaged. Unfortunately, the first one was shot immediately and on the ground and then you’ll see that there are four others engaging the suspect, including the one of the far left who neutralized him. This could have been so much worse had there not been “good guys” with guns there to stop this evil threat.

Live stream of shooting from West Freeway Church of Christ
White Settlement, Texas
December 29, 2019
This image shows the 4 church members who were armed and engaged the suspect.
#1 in the upper left was immediately shot by the suspect.
#2 as indicated is the person who neutralized the suspect.
#3 and #4 arrived after the suspect was down, but are offering cover.

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