God Save America

I am not a one-issue voter however in 2016 the single most important issue for the future of America is appointments to the Supreme Court from 2017-2021. If Hillary Clinton is elected we know that she will appoint liberal, “legislate from the bench”, partisan Justices who will tear apart portions of the Constitution and take away state’s rights.

If Hillary wins the election I blame and place the responsibility in the laps of GOP leaders, i.e. John McCain, the Bush family, Speaker Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz (who I supported in the primaries), Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and others. Also to blame are so called “conservative Republicans”, such as Bill Kristol, J.C. Watts and Karl Rove.

There is talk of a third party candidate, however no candidate (including Libertarian Gary Johnson) has prepared themselves to win this election. My hope is that changes for the next election cycle, so there is real choice for a conservative to step up outside the Republican party.

The fact that American voters are considering putting an un-indicted federal criminal, Hillary Clinton, in the most powerful job in the world is mind numbing and makes me shake my head (smh) in disbelief. Overall she cannot be trusted, will do anything to win and is the only person I know that went from broke to worth an estimated $100,000,000 all while serving as a Senator and Secretary of State. She also plans on raising and spending $1,000,000,000 to get elected to a job that pays $400,000 per year plus $169,000 expense account (she is more than half way there according to election reports). There is something wrong with politics when you will spend a BILLION DOLLARS to make FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND.

Use your head when you go to the polls and throwing your hands up in disgust is not an option.



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