Every day I hear the misuse of the word hero. I hear the media talking about a celebrity or an athlete being a hero. I hear about reformed alcoholics or drug abusers being called heroes because they are now clean and sober. I hear about a celebrity being a hero for standing up for an injustice somewhere in the world. None of these circumstances or actions makes one a hero.

A hero is not someone who decided to start using drugs, got addicted and then got clean. This is a flawed human being that got tired of the impact their poor decisions made on their life and change it. A hero is not someone who can run a football down the field, shoot a basketball into a hoop or hit a home run. A hero is not even an amazing doctor who performs life-saving surgeries (unless done in the battlefield).

A hero is someone who puts themselves in harm’s way to serve or protect another human being. A hero is the man or woman who puts on a law enforcement uniform every day and puts their lives on the line to protect their fellow citizens and officers. A hero is a man or woman who puts on fire fighter gear and runs into a burning building to save others. A hero is the man or woman who puts on their military uniform and goes into harm’s way to protect this country and its citizens from those around the world that would like to see us dead. A hero can even be a mom or dad who puts there life on the line for their child or another person.

There is a difference between a good example, a person who dedicates themselves to excellence in the service of others and a true hero. Please think of this the next time you throw around the word hero. By cheapening the word you cheapen the sacrifices made by a true HERO.

God Bless our true American Heroes!


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