Pray for America!

Seems like the right time to take a moment and just pray for America. Here is a waving flag to get you in the mood.

Behold The Dreamer Cometh!

This is an old speech by Doug Wead. He was talking to a very large Amway group. The reason to listen to this is his telling of the biblical story of Joseph and his dreams. This is an amazing talk and worth the time to listen.

Be the dad that has time with his kids!

What if I told you…

What if there was a way to support your family working for yourself part-time? No inventory! No delivering products! Surround yourself with positive people! Make positive changes in your life and the lives of others! Earn trips! EARN A FREE LEXUS! Give back! Pay for your children’s college! Early retirement! Follow you dreams! This really isn’t pie in the sky gain with no work. Like anything worthwhile, with our team coaching and your persistent work…