Remember that God loves you because of who He is, not because of who you are or what you may or may not have done in your life. That is why it is called grace and it is free!


Sometimes in life when things seem to be going wrong we wonder why God has not saved us from hurt or the consequences of our decisions. We forget that God gave us free will to make decisions. Isaiah 42:14 says “I have kept quiet for a long time. I remained silent and restrained myself”. If He is remaining quiet, then he must be leaving decision up to us. Look at the story of Adam and…

Give Joy, Not Judgement – Audio

I had the pleasure of being able to speak at Liberty Baptist Church in Shawnee, OK on Sunday, July 19, 2015.  Here is the audio of the talk I gave. The goal was to talk about the church (in the broader sense) being inclusive and open to those who wish to see Christ in their lives.  My premise is that we don’t have to accept the sin to accept the sinner.  Many of us point…


Permalink: http://www.klove.com/blog/jd/post/2015/03/31/Awakening.aspx What happened? I used to be so full of Your presence. Your word excited me, and brought me close to You. I prayed every day…I kept my Bible with me wherever I went…You consumed me. These days, it seems like I’m a rudderless boat. Life tosses me from place to place. Where I wind up, isn’t good. I find myself looking at things I shouldn’t. In areas I shouldn’t be. Where I know…

How He Loves Us (in spite of ourselves)

A video describing and highlighting just how great the love of God is. When we truly see that He loves us right where we are it sparks a desire in us to worship. God lavishes his love and grace on us amidst our failure and brokenness. He isnt surprised when we fall, stumble, or mess up. He saw it the whole time and loved us the same.