Here is the reality of gun control. America is unlike any other country in the world with respect to our freedoms and like it or not, those freedoms include the 2nd Amendment. Anyone who thinks that our government can all of a sudden outlaw guns and our country will no longer be dangerous is simply lying to themselves. How will that work? Will the government go door to door collecting guns? It simply wouldn’t work. Even if this approach had the will of the people, which it doesn’t, the only people still possessing guns would be criminals. Anyone who thinks more restrictive gun laws will make any marked difference to gun violence is simply not looking at the facts. Most criminals disobey the laws already on the books, what makes you think that more laws will cause them to all of a sudden become law abiding?

The solution to this violence is to address the issue of broken and Godless people. We each have a responsibility to intervene on a personal level with anyone who appears to be a threat to themselves or others. I’m not talking about the government stepping in, but each of us doing our part as friends, family members and fellow human beings.

Finally, we must recognize that each of these mass shooting events occurred in “gun free zones”; schools, churches and other places where they have specifically prohibited the lawful carrying of weapons; theaters and shopping malls. Why do you think this is where these events happen? It’s because the crazed madmen who carry out these murders know that they are not likely to encounter resistance in these places and seek innocent and helpless victims. Want to limit these mass murders? Allow those who are qualified to carry lawful weapons in all public places. It may not stop tragedies such as those we have experienced recently but it will greatly limit their destruction. Maybe instead of 20 killed someone may be able to stop a madman after the first victim.

The truth is that if someone is hell bent on murder you can’t stop them, but you can limit their mayhem.


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